• Remove stem.

  • Fill orb with 1/2 a cup of water. We prefer warm to hot water.

  • Insert stem back into orb.

  • Fill the stem with your favorite flower.

  • Lift up the orb, tilt it back slightly.

  • Apply one thumb to one hole.

  • Place lips tightly around second hole.

  • Light the flower within the stem as you suck.

  • You will hear a pleasant bubbling as you inhale.


Make sure you empty the water from your water pipe after every session. Don't leave it sitting stagnant. This will prevent algae and other buildup. Wipe out any resin or left over herb within the stem with a warm wet towel. You can use warm water, a home mix solution of isopropyl alcohol and sea salt, or Dr. Bronner's all purpose soap.